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#BEALPHA Pick IT up - The Project

#BEALPHA stands for

  • being confident,
  • free of the opinion from others,
  • being brave and overcoming your fears.
  • Educating yourself,
  • helping others,
  • being an inspiring person.

I step in the ring, because I love to entertain the people and because I love to fight. I fight and win for all the people who had their very own fight every day, I want to show with the right attitude and if we help each other we can do achieve everything.

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I started the project #BEALPHA Pick IT up

  • Pick IT up -> your body and start a healthy lifestyle
  • Pick IT up -> the garbage in front of your house, so we have a clean environment
  • Pick IT up -> the mood of your fellow man, give them a smile
  • Pick IT up -> a check to send money to the project you like to support

These are just a few ideas, I bet you got the idea, right?

Let me know what is it that you are doing to make this earth a better place. What is your #BEALPHA pick IT up Project! If you like I will cover your story here on my page.

You can order the #BEALPHA Pick IT up T shirt from prowrestlingtees.com. The profit will be donated to a charity aid.

Send your picture with the t shirt or with your project and i will post it on here.

You can find inspiration all over the World Wide Web with the Hashtag #BEALPHA

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