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My Name is Jazzy. I am a Sportsentertainer and my fans know me best as the ALPHA FEMALE.

I am a role model * hero * Friend * dreamer and doer.

Born in Berlin, Germany. With the Passion steping in the ring I could manage to travel the world and win championships in germany, England, Spain, Turkey and Japan.

My Slogan is: “Don´t be ordinary! BE ALPHA!”

You can use the #BEALPHA-Hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

#BEALPHA stands for being confident, free of the opinion from others, being brave and overcoming your fears. Educating yourself, helping others, being an inspiring person.

I step in the ring, because I love to entertain the people and because I love to fight. I fight and win for all the people who had their very own fight every day, I want to show with the right attitude and if we help each other we can do achieve everything.

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